JJ Wilson


Biggy and JJ 1965It was 1967. I was 6 years old and sitting in my father’s lap at WNBC Radio in New York during his show, (His name was “Big Wilson”) and there it was, my first opportunity to read a tag for Campbell’s Soup. My dad asked if I wanted to read the line “Mmmm Good”. I said yes, and read the tag with excitement, a bit on the wry side, with a very believable smile, not sounding like I was reading it, and with that movie trailer feel, with sort of the attitude of a cross between Mr. Rogers and Rod Serling, as well as the over all read being a little dry. My dad looked at me and said, “Son…..that was just great!”…what a good read… it had it all… Fantastic… it was… how can I say?…

“Perfect!” Then he looked at me again with a broad proud smile and said…

“Let’s do one more.” I’ve been doing Voice-Overs ever since.

  • Over 25 years full time freelance voiceover talent.357
  • In home studio with all of the best quality equipment.
  • Portable studio for recording on road.
  • Fast, versatile, direct-able. Hard sell to soft sell, dialogue to down right silly.
  • Commercial, e-Learn, Industrials to liners and promos, and movie trailers.

Sandals Resorts, Wagner Heat Gun, Serra Automotive Group, Depuy Orthopedics, Google TV, Wilson Bats for iPhone, Price Chopper, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Coke/Pulbix, Florida Lottery, South Florida Ford Dealers, Upstate New York Ford Dealers, Smithsonian Institute, Burger King, Numerous Hard Sell Automotive, McDonalds, US Navy, RCCL, etc.

Big Wilson and son, JJ Wilson – 1978